DIY amazing small tree

So for the actual creating of the Thankful Tree…

What you’ll need:
tree branches
spray paint
scrapbook paper
leaf or circle punch
What I love about this project is that it’s as frugal as a DIY project can be since most of the supplies are things that people already have. As for the tree branches, use it as a time to take the kiddos on a walk and go search for some or find some right out of your backyard.
After gathering my tree branches I spray painted them white with some leftover paint I had laying around. If you don’t have any paint it will still look great leaving them with their “natural” look.
For the paper leaves to hang on the tree I had a friend who was kind enough to let me use her Cricut and cut these out on some fall-colored scrapbook paper. If you don’t have an electronic cutter or a friend who has one, using a circle punch would look just as good! Then I added some string to the leaves to hang them on the tree.
Position the branches the way you want in a vase and you’re ready to start thinking of all the things you’re grateful for to fill up that tree!