DIY: Rustic Linen Lampshades

Here's What You'll Need:
60 inches of thick, silver wire:
Wire cutters, pliers, strong tape.
2 yards of rough, organic linen sold by the yard:
A sturdy cotton thread
A white or black Hemma Cord Set
A bulb such as Schoolhouse Electric's A19 Silver Tip Bulb 60 Watt for $5.
At least 26 inches of cotton string: White Cotton 10-Ply Medium String

Cut the length of wire to 60 inches, make a circle by overlapping the ends just a bit and taping them together (you can use electrical, floral, or duct tape for this).
From your 2 yards of linen, you'll need about 64 inches: 60 to 61 inches to cover the circumference, and 2 to 3 inches for a healthy seam allowance. Moving slowly around the wire, hand-stitch the fabric until the two ends meet up.
Using a sewing machine, sew the hem (using the red thread) down the side (you can even go with a French seam if you're savvy with sewing), leaving about an inch open at the bottom for a little movement. Then finish the bottom of your fabric with another red hem.
Center your pendant cord (Ikea's has instructions for proper centering) and tie your string from the cord through the diameter of the circle, attaching on both sides. Hang the cord from a ceiling hook or as desired.